Our Purpose

We are a purpose-driven organization. At Liberty Gold, our purpose is to discover precious metal resources, to unlock shareholder value and develop communities.

Our Value

  • We place people first
  • We grow hand in hand with the communities around us
  • We apply rigorous Science to Discovery©
  • We build for a net positive impact
  • We lead with integrity, transparency & accountability

Performance: Looking Back

 Group 11
 Group 12
 Group 13
Lost-time incidents (since 2013) Of management are female (33% overall workforce) Continuing support of local biodiversity studies including mule deer populations and sage grouse habitats (spend to date).

Performance: Looking Forward - 2022 Goals and Targets

 GHG Emissions
  • Conduct baseline assessment & determine potential for carbon offsets
  • Complete and release formal GHG strategy
  • Investigate appropriate carbon intensity metrics for metals exploration companies
 Water Management
  • Acquire sustainable water rights for future operations
 Ecological Impacts
  • Develop greater sage-grouse mitigation plans for Black Pine
  • Develop a corporate Environmental Management Policy
 Heath & Safety
  • Zero fatalities; Zero Lost Time Injuries
  • 10% reduction in TRIF
 Stakeholder Engagement
  • Implement Stakeholder Engagement database and tracking tool
 Emergency Management
  • Conduct field simulations of Emergency Management Plan
 ESG Reporting
  • Release Maiden 2021 Sustainability Report
 Critical Incident Risk Management
  • Roll out updated and revised Crisis Management Plan
 Diversity & Inclusion
  • Develop a Gender Diversity Policy
 Board Oversight
  • Update Health, Safety & Sustainability Committee Terms of Reference


2022 Environmental Excellence Award: The Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining is recommending other operators adopt Liberty Gold’s award-winning model.

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